The digital signage system ALH KISS (german for Group Information System Software) developed by CPP Studios transports 200 years of company history of the Alte Leipziger-Hallesche Group into the digital age.

Being networked over several locations the media walls communicate corporation-wide messages, current news feeds and location-specific information. The centerpiece is a 48 square meter media installation with several integrated displays in the foyer of the Alte Leipziger company headquarters in Oberursel.

The flexible media system allows both time-controlled programming of editorial content and spontaneous publication of news with just a few mouse clicks. Template-based content creation and real-time generated animations make it possible for the content to be both CI-compliant and diversified without further action.

With a minimum of work, the employees of the Alte Leipziger can thus ensure that up-to-date playout takes place throughout Germany at all times.