The ISS has a new crew member
... and we are blessed to tell its story ...

Space ... the final frontier ... it's the year 2019. Since end of 2018 on board of the international space station ISS a new artificial intelligence is circling earth: CIMON.

This approx. 5 kilogram heavy AI assistent is the first autonomously moving Zero-G capable AI in space (the first "humanly created" one feeld the need to be more specific). Ordered by the Deutsche Luft und Raumfahrt Zentrum (DLR), designed and manufactured by Airbus and equipped with an instance of IBM`s AI Watson CIMON is about to make charcters like WALL.E and others become a reality!

To do this quantum leap in AI technology even remotely justice a high effort realtime 3D web experience has been created to bring us mortals left on eart as close to this "CIMON experience" as possible.

In cooperation with Ogilvy Frankfurt we have been part of the agency team that enjoyed the privilege to create this webexperience for IBM. One could use a lot of words to describe the utilized technologies (f.e. the whole site has been heavily optimized for mobile devices and smartphones), the content (next gen AI technology, a kind of earth spanning WLan ...) or to tell the one-of-a-kind story (man-machine cooperation in space). But in this case there is only one advice: Try for yourself!