PwC – Experience Center Operating System Experience centers are secret weapons for enterprises. They are meeting space, incubator for new ideas and storefront alike.
For this environment CPP Studios created PwC-ECOS as a graphical operating system.

One GUI unifies Content Management, Digital Signage, Hardware Monitoring as well as Presentation Platform and Interaction design. The feature set is very powerful while operating the system is extremely easy and efficient.

ECOS understands RTP-streams, presentation formats, SliDo and operates a powerful RSS parser. This way content can be fed to the system while it runs and keeps up even the most heterogeneous landscape of monitors, videowalls and media sources. Keeping synchronicity and managing media playout systems as single units or arrays allows for a playout, where visitors think a whole editors team would generate a 24/7 program while really the programming efforts are minimalistic.

CPP Studios ECOS opens up a new chapter of media integration.